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    Project Manager's salary - and free offer.


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    Project Manager's salary - and free offer. Empty Project Manager's salary - and free offer.

    Post  TheWatcher on Sun 31 Oct - 0:45

    Whenever a man has an opportunity of making some money, I have never stood in his light. My view is, and always will be, good luck to him.
    However, the decision to pay our President a weekly wage, for doing a totally separate job for the Community, raises more questions than answers.
    No one can be in any doubt that our President has done a terrific job. Altea la Nova has never looked better.
    But in ensuring that even the smallest detail is taken care of, our President has run himself ragged, and could be in serious danger of endangering his health.
    In am not lacking in admiration, or gratitude, but the fact remains that the work he has carried out, is not the job of the President of a Community.
    It is the job of the Administrators.
    Now our President wishes also to be the Altea la Nova’s Project Manager, so he can oversee work to be carried out by contractors. And this is the job for which he will be paid.
    If it is necessary for the President to undertake these extra duties, - duties that should be the responsibility of Devesa, - what exactly are we paying Devesa for?
    When Social Security charges are taken into consideration, the proposed annual payment to the Project Manager, will be in the region of Euros 20,000 a year.
    If Devesa feel unable to manage the projects itself, is it not time that we got ourselves some new Administrators?
    Or will Devesa pay the Project Manager’s wages and Social Security, out of the money we, as a Community annually pay to them?
    This week, the appointment of a Project Manager took a new turn, when a retired architect, who is well known, on both sides of the Atlantic, offered to do the job for FREE.
    The architect, who lives in Bloque ll, was responsible for designing, and overseeing the construction of some of the world’s most famous theme parks – including Disney World. Obviously he is a man of vast experience in the construction industry.
    I understand that this very generous offer, was designed not to deprive the President of a salary, when he wears another hat, but to save the Community a substantial sum of money.
    After considering the offer, Devesa contacted the architect and said that an Extra-Ordinary Meeting of owners would have to be called to discuss his proposal, and informed him that he would have to be personally responsible for ensuring the work was carried out, without any flaws.
    They did not make it clear whether the President’s Project Manager job would carry the same legal responsibility.
    Either way, this is the most preposterous nonsense. If the windows of a new skyscraper fall out of their housings, it is the responsibility of the contractor, not the Project Manager.
    For Devesa to be unaware of this legality, is yet another reason for the owners of Altea la Nova to be urgently looking for new Administrators.
    This saga will run and run.
    a lady

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    Project Manager's salary - and free offer. Empty Lady with a question

    Post  a lady on Sun 31 Oct - 20:47

    I cannot understand why we are having to pay for a Project Manager, when a perfectly good architect has offered his services free of charge.

    Do the same legal requirements identified by the 'Watcher' also apply to the President if he takes on the role of Project Manager? If not why not?

    I would also agree that whilst the President has done an extremely good job,ad Altea La Nova has never looked better, should it be he who takes this role on, as doesn't he have enough to do?

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    Project Manager's salary - and free offer. Empty Re: Project Manager's salary - and free offer.

    Post  AndyGraham on Sun 31 Oct - 23:23

    What does our current administrator do for his pay anyway now that we have Tina?

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    Registration date : 2010-10-29

    Project Manager's salary - and free offer. Empty Project Manager's salary - and free offer.

    Post  TheWatcher on Mon 1 Nov - 1:57

    Apart from stuffing envelopes, what exactly does Devesa do, for the money we pay them?
    The President carries out most of the duties, which an Administrator is normally expected to do.
    This is an impossible situation,
    In other Communities, the owners and Committee decide what projects they wish to be carried out, and the Administrator takes care of it. They seeks tenders for the project, scrutinise which firm of contractors offer the best work, at the best price, and then inform the President, who gives them the go-ahead.
    The same applies to insurance covering the buildings. It is up to the Administrator to get the best possible policy, at the right price. But not at Altea la Nova. It was the President who queried the outrageous sum we were paying for insurance, and negotiated a vastly reduced premium. When challenged as to why they had not shopped-around for a lower premium, I understand that Devesa replied that they could have got a lower price for the insurance, but nobody had ever asked them to do this. Can you believe that?
    Other Communities insist on their Administrators having on-site offices, from which all necessary work is carried out. Unlike Altea la Nova, where the Administrator's offices are in another town, several miles away.
    Which brings me back to my original question. What exactly does Devesa do? Would we not be better off with Administrators who offered an entire management package? And brought the President answers, not problems?
    With the right Administrators, we would not need a Projects Manager. Which would save us Euros 20,000 a year.
    Who knows,new Administrators might make so many savings, that our Community Charges could be reduced.
    Time to grasp the nettle, and vote for a change of Administrators.

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    Project Manager's salary - and free offer. Empty Re: Project Manager's salary - and free offer.

    Post  JC on Fri 19 Nov - 12:06

    I am 100% in agreement with The Watcher. We should reconsider the services that DEVESA is providing to the community. We basically are paying for nothing. Neither service, nor good advisory.
    Let´s push for an extra-ordinary meeting to support this proposal as well as the free one from the architect.


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    Project Manager's salary - and free offer. Empty Re: Project Manager's salary - and free offer.

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