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    Post  IanHillan on Tue 23 Nov - 14:11

    Having just received the minutes of the AGM plus the later resignation of Malcolm as the Project Manager, I was stimulated to look at the web site for the first time for some years. The previous version had left a lot to be desired. This is a good step forward.

    I am now the 33rd or 34th member. There might be another Spanish group not included in these numbers but it seems as if many non-resident owners do not know about this improvement. Surely it would make sense to email and/or add a note to correspondence to update owners?

    Finally and purely from a question of style, it makes me uneasy that some members feel free to comment on relatively personal subjects behind a wall of anonymity.

    Ian Hillan

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    Post  AndyGraham on Sat 27 Nov - 14:12

    Thank you for your comments. I couldn't agree with you more about the need to be open on this forum. I hope others will read your comments and then have the guts to stand by what they say as I do.

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