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    Annual General Meeting 2010


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    Annual General Meeting 2010 Empty Annual General Meeting 2010

    Post  Genuine on Sat 30 Oct - 13:16

    How many more times are we going to have to sit through an AGM like this last one? Is it not time for someone to get a grip of the whole thing so that we are not left there arguing about things we have had no time at all to consider? We had no real prior warning about what was going to be spoken about (as usual) and the whole meeting ended up as a shambles. I noticed that there was at least one topic which, as far as I could tell, was properly proposed and seconded from the floor then promtly ignored by the top table and not even voted on.
    I am still not sure of the costings spoken about for the flower beds although there was a vote.

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    Annual General Meeting 2010 Empty AGM

    Post  TheWatcher on Sun 31 Oct - 1:51

    The word "shambles" does not adequately describe the Annual General Meetings of the Owners of Altea la Nova.
    Perhaps this was a major factor in this year's low turnout. Down, on last year, by more than 20 per cent.
    And who could blame them for deciding there were better ways of wasting three hours?
    To a first-timer, the AGM would appear to be a cross between The Mad Hatter's Tea Party and The Goon Show.
    One could only feel sorry for the translator. How could she possibly interpret the words of Devesa's Louise, delivered at machine-gun speed and going on, without a break for two minutes at a time. To keep up with him, she would have had to be a United Nations translator.
    Louise could, of course, have been told to pipe down by the President, who was "Chairing" the meeting. But he too seemed to be floundering. It was as if none of the top table had ever attended the AGM of a publicly quoted, limited company, or a board of directors' meeting.
    Not only was the translator expected to translate, she also took the notes for the minutes, and counted the votes. When tallying the votes, she seemed to be under the impression that abstentions counted as YES votes!
    A motion to ring-fence Euros 250,000 from the Community's Euros 400,000 windfall from Admival, was ignored by the President. The ring-fenced money was to be used only in an emergency, But despite the motion being properly proposed, and seconded, at the meeting, the President directed the audience's attention to the next item on the Agenda, and the ring-fencing proposal was never put to the vote.
    Which denied owners of their legal right to decide.

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