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    Planting boxes


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    Planting boxes Empty Planting boxes

    Post  AndyGraham on Fri 22 Oct - 14:19

    Planting boxes have been the topic of conversation for ages now mainly because of the state that some of them get into. Many have discoloured sides to them which as we know require repainting at the very least.

    May I give my opinion as to a possible solution to some of the problems? I have covered my planter with a porous membrane which does not allow weeds to grow through. I have planted my plants into holes cut into this membrane. I have then covered the whole of the membrane in shingle of one sort or another. Mine is white marble chip but there are many others available.

    This has lots of advantages apart from not letting weeds through. One is that when it rains hard on a normal earth garden, the rain splashes over the sides and runs down taking mud with it. The result can be seen all around. As the water evaporates quickly when the rain stops much of the dirt remains. If it rains hard enough as it often does the drains in the planters will not be able to cope so water overflows the sides making things even worse.

    I have noticed that when it rains like this on my garden the stones still allow the water to splash but it carries no mud with it. When the planter overflows the membrane tends to hold the soil beneath it.

    I have made our garden look quite nice with rocks and nice indigenous plants with plenty of interest. I have also got rid of some of the larger plants that took such watering and also blocked much of our view.
    Ours is not the only beautiful garden that has been done like this.

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    Planting boxes Empty Irrigation system

    Post  TheWatcher on Sat 30 Oct - 1:05

    Andy Graham is right to object to the crackpot decision to disconnect the Community terrace irrigation system.
    Like so many decisions that are sprung, without consultation, on the owners of apartments at Altea la Nova, this subject was never properly thought-through.
    It is a knee jerk response to the constant complaints from a penthouse owner, that his water supply is siphoned-off by others, before it reaches his terrace. This may well be the case. But it does not warrant the whole system being withdrawn, in a bid to oil the wheel that squeaks the loudest.
    As one couple angrily exploded at the Annual General Meeting: "Why is it that the owners who obey the rules, are always punished because of the people who don't"? The President did not respond.
    If owners fit their own irrigation systems, the results will be catastrophic.
    When the timers go rogue, the systems will leak, or overflow, sending water cascading into their neighbours apartments.
    Had the board discussed the problems, and taken some expert advice, it would have been realised that there are several solution that do not entail abandoning the existing system. A couple of them might even bring a satisfied smile of approval, to the face of the man who constantly calls for help.


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