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    Irrigation system


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    Irrigation system Empty Irrigation system

    Post  AndyGraham on Fri 22 Oct - 13:45

    If you were at the AGM 2010 the other day you will have heard that it was decided to get rid of the community irrigation system. I my view this is the worst possible decision that we could have made so let me tell you why.

    The system we have is far from perfect but it is much better than any alternative I have come across. I do not feel that it is the system that is at fault but the way the garden planters are used. No system is perfect but this one is far better than private systems as it is at least controlled by the gardener who takes into consideration the weather conditions.

    No, the problem is how the planters are used by the majority of owners. Those that spend most of their time here and have total control of their systems are fine. It is the owners who spend little time here that have all the problems and these in general stem from one thing alone and that is the choice of plants. They have either large or non indigenous plants or sometimes both and expect the irrigation system to maintain them for months on end.

    This is never going to work and for those that think a private system will take care of it, I think they are wrong. As will be confirmed by the president, it is private systems that cause most problems.

    1. Insurance companies normally require owners to switch off their water if they intend to spend extended periods away or they will not cover consequential damage.
    2. If and when they system fails either the plants are lost or the garden floods causing damage to the building and problems for neighbours.

    The solution is not an easy one but I think that an investigation should be held to decide on upgrading the current system to take into consideration the failings it has at the moment. I am aware that apartments on the end of the irrigation lines often get little or no water. We can argue all day on the reasons for this and get nowhere as individuals will do what they do and that’s it.

    We should look at the possibility of adding to or redirecting the existing pipe work to apartment gardens that it can be proved are not getting water at the moment. This, undoubtedly, will cost money and may require some creative remodelling of existing buildings but it would then give all owners the community system they currently pay for. As long as the whole thing originates from the community water supply Ramon will be able to control it.
    At the same time owners should consider changing their planting to take into consideration the fact that indigenous plants do better than others and larger plants take up more water than smaller ones. I believe that the president is going to publish a list of suitable plants.
    a lady

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    Irrigation system Empty A very upset apartment owner

    Post  a lady on Sun 31 Oct - 20:38

    I am really upset that a decision to stop the community watering system has been taken. Surly there are more people like me who cannot be at Altea La Nova all the year round and who do not want people going into our apartment to 'check on the watering system' when we are not there - nor can we afford to have this happen.

    One of the reasons we bought the apartment was because of the terrace gardens and the fact that we did not have to worry about watering ect. We do not have a lot of plants, but those we do have have been looked after and are doing really well. They DO NOT cause problems for the apartments either side or below and to see the pants die, just because someone says we should turn the watering system off, would not be something we would want to happen.

    I also agree with Andy when he says that if if was up to all the owners to put their owns systems in place, there will be more problems than we are currently experiencing. Why should the majority suffer when it is only the minority who are causing/having problems???????????

    I gave the president my proxy vote which was for the water systems to stay as is, and I would be very interested to know how many people voted to turn it off. As the 'Watcher' has already identified, if this is because of one pent house owners complaints - what about those who do not complain and do not have a watering system problem?????????

    Mr President, I would ask that you review this decision with a matter of urgency, as I really cannot see that the majority of people who own properties in Altea La Nova, would want this change to happen.


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    Irrigation system Empty Re: Irrigation system

    Post  artohimanen on Tue 2 Nov - 18:50

    Getting rid of the communal flower bed watering system is a heavy desision and does not serve those apartment owners who visit LaNova occasionally.

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    Registration date : 2009-04-07

    Irrigation system Empty Re: Irrigation system

    Post  JC on Fri 19 Nov - 12:00

    Hi Andy.
    Is there any chance to step this decision back?. I am totally agree with your arguments and given that it seems an extraordinary AGM is going to take place, we should push to put the original irrigation system back.

    Number of posts : 49
    Registration date : 2008-12-05

    Irrigation system Empty Re: Irrigation system

    Post  AndyGraham on Fri 19 Nov - 16:48

    I have heard nothing of an EAGM. All I can tell you is that when talking to the president he tells me that although the decision was taken at the AGM to remove the irigation system he does not intend to do it yet. I have seen no AGM minuets or any planting list as promised either.

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    Irrigation system Empty Re: Irrigation system

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