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    rubbish bins/containadors para basura


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    Registration date : 2008-12-13

    rubbish bins/containadors para basura Empty rubbish bins/containadors para basura

    Post  lindawood on Sun 4 Oct - 17:32

    The bins outside block 4/5 are constantly overflowing. So much so, that today many had fallen to the ground leaving them for all the cats and dogs to rip open. I had taken 4 or 5 of them to an empty bin only to find that a few hours later they have been filled up again. Please use the other bins, otherwise we will have a serious problem with mice or rats. It makes sense also to tie your rubbish up, as often cartons, nappies, bottles etc., fall to the floor. This is not a job for Salim or anybody else to clean up after. Many thanks LINDA

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