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    Disappearing AGM Agenda

    Brian Hitchen

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    Registration date : 2009-09-01

    Disappearing AGM Agenda Empty Disappearing AGM Agenda

    Post  Brian Hitchen on Sat 5 Sep - 1:20

    When I looked at the, splendid, new, Altea La Nova website, yesterday, I was interested to see items listed for discussion at the Annual General Meeting.
    Today, they appear to have been deleted.
    Is there a reason for this?
    Perhaps someone would kindly inform us.
    If owners are not given the opportunity, to consider the items on the Agenda at the annual meeting, how are we supposed to make meaningful decisions?
    Surely, all the subjects up for discussion, should be posted, in bold type, on our website? And remain there, until the AGM has taken place.
    Perhaps all the subjects are Top Secret? Now that would be interesting.
    Brian Hitchen CBE, Apartment 232, Bloque II

    Number of posts : 49
    Registration date : 2008-12-05

    Disappearing AGM Agenda Empty Meeting minutes

    Post  AndyGraham on Sun 6 Sep - 13:26

    You will notice that I have been told to remove the names of owners and their apartment numbers from the web site.
    This was at the instruction of the administrator as he had had complaints from some owners. The only way that I
    could do this was to remove all the old minutes. As it was the administrator who provided the information in the
    first, place I will await an edited copy that can be included on the web site. sorry for any inconvenience.

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