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    We need a Concierge in Reception, not an internet-cafe

    Brian Hitchen

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    Registration date : 2009-09-01

    We need a Concierge in Reception, not an internet-cafe Empty We need a Concierge in Reception, not an internet-cafe

    Post  Brian Hitchen on Sat 5 Sep - 1:01

    To turn the reception area into what amounts to an internet cafe, with desks, and a coffee machine, is a ridiculous idea.
    What is needed, urgently, in the reception area is a Concierge
    He would be there to direct the Emergency Services, to receive, or direct, important deliveries, and to admit, and verify visitors. And, very importantly, to act as a contact point for owners and residents with a problem.
    When many of us bought our apartments, there was a full time Concierge. And this helped some of us decide upon investing in property here. Altea La Nova had the right, up-market, feel about it.
    Sadly, two years ago, the Concierge wad dismissed. And the vacancy has never been filled. The threadbare excuse, up to now, has been that we cannot afford a Concierge. Cannot afford a Concierge? With all the income derived from our Community Charges? What utter nonsense.
    Spain has currently one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe. How can it not be possible to hire three, bi-lingual, part-time employees, to act as Concierge, on a rota system?
    At the moment, while the Emergency Services admit that they have little knowledge of the lay-out of Altea la Nova, we have, in the reception area, an office girl who may, or may not be there when an emergency occurs.
    Surely, we cannot NOT afford to employ a Concierge. When someone dies, because the Emergency Services could not gain admittance to the building, or locate the right apartment, it will be too late.
    Think about it. The person who loses their life, could be you.
    So, at the AGM, vote YES for a Concierge. You know it makes sense.
    Brian Hitchen CBE Apartment 232 Bloque II

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