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    Play Ground


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    Play Ground Empty Play Ground

    Post  AndyGraham on Mon 31 Aug - 0:21

    Dear Andy,
    I would be pleased if you would kindly include the following, in the Altea La Nova website Forum, or on the website itself.
    Thanks a million.
    Bestests, Brian
    I note that we will be asked to vote, on the provision of a children's playground, at the Annual General Meeting
    of Altea La Nova Property Owners, in October.
    This is a proposal which needs very serious consideration. Because the resulting vote, will affect all of us.
    One of the major problems is the location of the proposed playground. While most of us enjoy the sound of children's laughter,
    do we want their playground sited close to our apartments?
    Apart from the noise, which might not be welcomed by everyone, a children's playground could well have a direct effect
    on the re-sale value of nearby apartments.
    Real estate agents have confirmed, that apartments close to a children's playground, are more difficult to sell.
    They will also confirm that apartments close to a children's playground, can have a re-sale value of up to 20 per cent less
    than similar apartments, in urbanisations without facilities for children
    It could well be argued that the current lack of a play area, may well be one of the reasons that, even on the currently depressed market,
    our property investments remain reasonably buoyant. at Altea La Nova.
    As an established Community, I am given to understand that we are not legally obliged to provide a children's playground.
    Apparently, the provision of playground has been proposed by several parents, who have, relatively recently, purchased apartments
    at Altea La Nova. When they bought these apartments, they did so in the full knowledge that, apart from the superb swimming pools,
    there were no other facilities for children.
    So why choose to buy property here, when there are several similar urbanisations in the area, which already have established
    playgrounds for children. Did they expect existing apartment owners to change Altea La Nova, to accommodate their children?
    Could it be that someone led these people to believe that the Community planned to build such a playground?
    There are other financial considerations, surrounding the provision of a playground. Apart from the Community relinquishing part of our splendid
    lawned-area, and the cost of constructing a playground, our Community insurance premiums would automatically increase, to cover the possible
    eventuality of a child being injured.
    Apart from the prime rental months of July and August, very few children actually live, all the year round, at Altea La Nova.
    Do their parents, and the owners of rental properties, really expect us to provide, and fund, a children's playground,
    that might well reduce the value of our own property? Surely not.
    Brian Hitchen CBE.
    Apartment 232, Bloque II,
    Altea La Nova.

    Number of posts : 49
    Registration date : 2008-12-05

    Play Ground Empty Playing area for childs.

    Post  AndyGraham on Thu 3 Sep - 12:21

    varenillas on Wed 8 Jul 2009 - 21:59
    Hello everybody.

    I have got a lot of request about constructing a child playing area.
    What are you thinking about this possibility?
    And waht about a paddle area?

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